Hi, thanks for visiting. My name is James and I am originally from the U.K, but now I live in Japan.

I believe understanding finance is the best way to get ahead in life. This site aims to show people how they can make money, look after it and invest it effectively.


I have spent a long time living overseas, so I use a mix of American and British English phrasing and spelling. I mostly write as I speak (I mix subjects, you I we etc.). The English on this site will be good, but won’t be perfect. All I want to do is communicate.


The content will be as objective as possible. However, it is my belief that the powers that be do NOT want the “little people” to understand too much about how finance works. They would rather we stay in the dark.

Also, some cultural references will be more Anglocentric, but please don’t let that put you off.

This site uses WordPress as a content management system due to its ease of use, and all the useful plugins and what not that are available.

Most of the content is intended to be evergreen, so dig in and search the site. Not much of this information will get “old”.

Sincerely hoping the material here helps you.

James Hanauma